My Story

I first discovered energy healing several years ago while trying to help my twelve-year-old daughter through a health crisis. I was prayerfully seeking out the right doctors and medical treatments, and in my search found myself in the office of a local massage therapist. The therapist said to me, “I feel impressed to tell you that your daughter might benefit from some of the emotional work I do.” My first response was, “Well, that’s great, but I don’t believe in that. That’s hippy-dippy stuff!”

I politely nodded, and filed that information away in the back of my mind, sure that I would never need to know more.

Several months later, my daughter had a complete emotional breakdown as a result of the health trials she was facing. After hearing a hopeless prognosis from a particularly tactless and needlessly blunt doctor, my sweet 12 year old sobbed all the way home, curled up on her bed in the fetal position, and sobbed and sobbed. In between tears, she told me she didn't want to live any more and wished she could die rather than face the pain and hardship the dr's were predicting for her. After a while, when she didn't pull out of her hopelessness and despair, I began to fear for her emotional safety, and knew we needed help. I began considering my options--and praying for guidance. As I considered LDS Social Services, or talking with our Bishop, the spirit reminded me of the massage therapist, and her "emotional work", and told me to give her a chance to help us. 

During that first session of The Emotion Code, I had so many questions! I had never heard of any of the things the therapist was talking about, and I certainly had never seen anything like it before. I'm sure she must have wished I would stop asking questions so she could work! But she answered every one of my many questions, and told me the only way I could know if what she was sharing with me was true was to go home and get down on my knees and ask Heavenly Father.

Over the next few days, I prayed and prayed, and searched the scriptures for answers. Could everything she taught me about energy and emotion be real? Can people hold the frequency of trapped emotions in their energy fields? Can emotions such as grief, despair, anger, hopelessness, etc, be inherited as part of the cellular memory of our ancestors, passed on to us? Was any of this even real? And if it was real, how did this all fit into my knowledge of the Gospel of Jesus Christ? 

My search for answers lasted for days, even weeks. But I didn't have to wait that long to see a change in my daughter. Within 24 hours of our first Emotion Code session, the anger, fear, hopelessness and despair that had been plaguing my daughter disappeared. It literally vanished overnight. Even to this day, years later, the complete change I saw in my daughter amazes me. It was as close to a miracle as anything I've ever seen. The very next Sunday, one of her Young Women leaders came to me and said "I've noticed something different about your daughter. Her countenance has changed, She seems brighter." 

Even though my search for understanding about what energy healing was all about would continue for years, I knew at that point that it was good, and right and true. We are taught in the scriptures that "by their fruits ye shall know them". The fruits of energy healing in my daughters life were good, and brought peace and light! It was the first of many things that would bring her closer to her Savior as she dealt with her health trials.

As for me, I continued to search for light and knowledge regarding Energy Work. I felt driven to know what it was, how it worked...Was it something I should be learning? Very soon, it became evident to me that Heavenly Father had a plan for my life, and doing energy work was a part of it. Over these last few years, the Lord has led me by the hand, and shown me what I needed to study, and who I needed to learn from. As I have learned and studied, my journey has taught me one undeniable truth: I have a powerful Savior. And so do you. I have grown closer to Him than I ever could have imagined. Of course, all true healing takes place through Jesus Christ and his Infinite Atonement. I am eternally grateful for the opportunity to be a part of this play whatever small role I am allowed in helping people find peace, and light and true healing.

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