5 Levels of Healing

Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt developed this systematic model of healing in the 1980s and has been teaching it to practitioners all over the world since then.  Many doctors and healers have been able to understand their own work better and have been able to make better choices for their patients and their own education based on this understanding.  This model has already entered the heart and conscious reality of integrative medicine worldwide.

The Five Levels of Healing in the Body

Did you know that there are five very separate yet profoundly interconnected levels of health in the body?

When people come to see me or feel drawn to work with me, it is usually because I offer help on the 3rd through 5th levels of the body, which many practitioners do not offer and people have never been exposed to.  This is changing more and more as people wake up to the many powerful influences of health beyond the physical.  It is also my estimation that the 3rd through 5th levels of health are ultimately the most powerful at determining health in the physical body and whether you will heal.
Our world is processed through a Western view of medicine.  A Western view of medicine is perhaps 90%+ dominated by physicality and physical things or structure and biochemistry.  We are programmed to believe that if we have a physical problem the cause must in fact be physical.  This is not so.  Many factors beyond the physical will ultimately manifest into the physical body because this is largely the only way we would know that we have a health problem in the first place.  The physical body is the measuring tool that allows us to see illness, disease, or lack of health.  But this does not mean that a physical problem has a physical cause.  This is the very hardest thing for many people to understand.  Chinese medicine, on the other hand, has had a complete view of all levels of health that affect the body and this understanding has been around for more than 3000 years.  Chinese medicine is a complete system of medicine that was and still is used to treat any and all health problems that arise for people.
The deeper the level you go into the body, the more power and potential it has to change your health.  Additionally, when you change something on a deeper level, it positively affects all the levels below it.
The second level of the body is the energy body or the electrical body.  Western medicine does account for this.  The nervous system is part of the 2nd level of the body.  It communicates with the rest of the body through electrical signals.  When we want to revive someone whose heart has stopped beating, we shock them with electricity.  Why?  It is because the heart is told to beat through electrical signals.  We can measure electrical activity of the heart through a test called an electrocardiogram.  We can measure electrical activity in the brain through an electroencephalogram.  We are essentially a huge battery or electrical energy.  Embryology or how we are formed happens through electrical signals.  We are electrical beings. The Chinese meridian or channel system is essentially a system of electrical power lines that run along connective tissue divides in the body.  Connective tissue is piezo-electric, meaning it is a fantastic generator and conductor of electricity.  Acupuncture activates electricity to part of the body where electrical conduction may be lacking or has stopped.  When electrical activity improves, oxygen and blood flow increase, and powerful brain chemicals are sent to heal or address the parts of the body that are being needled.  Acupuncture is very scientific and works wonderfully for those that have an issue in the 1st or 2nd level of the body.  Acupuncture does just slightly stretch into the 3rd level (which is why some have powerful emotional releases), but is mostly limited to the 2nd and 1st  levels of the body.
But what if your root issue goes even deeper into the body?  With acupuncture, many people report small miracles of pain disappearing and other health conditions improving because it was precisely what they needed.  Even if your issue goes deeper into the body, acupuncture can still be very beneficial.  However, another small percentage of people report that acupuncture didn’t really do much for them.  This certainly does not mean acupuncture doesn’t work.  In my experience, it means that the problem is almost always a deeper issue and goes to one of the deeper levels in the body.
The 3rd through 5th levels of the body are by far the least understood, least explored and most neglected parts of the body, but when properly understood can offer healing that is the most profound that any human being can experience.  These levels are almost completely influenced by one thing:  negative and positive emotions, and other disruptions to the energy system.  Negative emotions are one of the most damaging factor that influences health in my opinion.  Chinese medicine would agree with this.  Positive emotions, on the other hand, are the most life giving and healing energy on the planet and nothing is greater at being able to restore your health.  But is it really this simple?  Yes, it can be.  It is just poorly understood.
The 3rd level is the general mental and emotional level.  It is also influenced by thoughts, attitudes, and belief systems.  The 4th level is known as the intuitive emotional body or the family emotional body.  It is the collection of emotional and influencing factors that we picked up from our smallest unit of collective consciousness called the family.  Generational emotional issues affect all of us to some extent and are some of the most powerful components to why people suffer with health problems, limiting beliefs, distorted thinking, and destructive behavior patterns.  The 5th level is the spiritual level.  Regardless of whether you are religious or spiritual, we have a part of us that is a spirit body.  Only a small percentage of clients I work with have their root this far into the “body”.  The root of most issues I see is in the 3rd and 4th levels of the body.
Is it really as simple as negative emotions being the problem?  It can be.  Throughout history, Chinese medicine has helped people on these 3 deeper levels through the use of meditation.  All modern consciousness tools and techniques, in my opinion, are just specific forms of focused meditation, as meditation can have a wide meaning.  This was the most important part of the medicine for thousands of years, but has been neglected in the education of Chinese medicine in the USA today.
What I have learned is that most people do not know how to release negative emotions from their body.  But we are experts at repressing (unconsciously pushing them down), suppressing (consciously pushing them down) or escaping from them (video games, fantasies, sports, food, sugar, drugs, alcohol, smoking, workaholism, etc…).  Through the work of Dietrich Klinghart, I learned about the consciousness based healing techniques that help release emotional energy from the body, and re-pattern the subtle energies that affect the health and function of the physical body. 

If you ask most people what they want most out of life, the most common answer is: “I just want to be happy”.  Happiness can never be found ultimately in physical things or people.  Happiness and the even more profound state of being, Joy, is something that can only be found within, because Love, Joy and Peace is what you already are.  Healing and using these tools to heal these levels can uncover the Love, Joy and Peace that is already what you are underneath it all.  Much like the clouds that obscure the sun, which always is shining, clearing out negative emotions from your body will reveal the truth of what you always have been and you will find the happiness (and health) you have always been seeking.
Letting go of negative emotions makes everything in life better.  You FEEL better about the work you do, the relationships you have, your health problems, your outlook on the future, your relationship with God, everything.  When you feel better, you ARE happier and more joyful.  
Here is a much more in-depth article by Dr. Klinghardt

~This article is adapted from our friends at Triune Wellness Center