What is Energy Medicine?

“We can define energy medicine. It’s the diagnostic & therapeutic
use of energy. These are ordinary energies. Theres nothing
mythical here; heat, light, sound, gravity, pressure, vibration,
electricity, magnetism, chemical energy, electromagnetism--the
basic forces that surround and interpenetrate us. So energy
medicine includes a whole range of hands-on, hands-off methods,
energy techniques and devices. The hands-on methods range
from acupuncture to zero balancing, chiropractic, cranio-sacral,
osteopathy, and so on. Energy medicine involves energy of
particular frequencies and intensities and wave shapes and
other characteristics that stimulate the repair and regeneration of
one or more tissues. That’s my definition.”

 Dr. James Oschman on Energy Medicine, YouTube

Conventional medicine is the study and use of chemistry in healing the body and treating disease. Energy medicine is the study and use of physics in healing the body and treating disease....still science based, just a different field of science!!