Our Amazing Energy Systems

We are each a constellation of energy systems, just as the body-- with its immune, endocrine, cardiovascular, and other systems--is a constellation of physical systems.  Our 9 energy systems work together naturally, usually below the threshold of our awareness. They include: the Meridians, the Chakras, the Aura, the Electrics, the Celtic Weave, the Basic Grid, the 5 Rhythms, the Triple Warmer, and the Radiant Circuits.

Each of these systems is a distinct form of energy that corresponds with existing descriptions from ancient healing and spiritual traditions. Various cultures have tended to emphasize some of these energy systems over others. For instance, the Meridians and The Five Rhythms have guided Chinese Acupuncturists for thousands of years. The Chakra system of India pre-dates acupuncture. Depictions of the Aura go back at least as far. The Radiant Circuits are well known in the East as the "strange flows" or "extraordinary circuits", and descriptions of this energy system can be found in the shamanic lore of Scandinavian countries, and in Native American tribes as well. The Celtic Weave of Ireland resembles the Tibetan Energy Ring of Asia. The Basic Grid was identified in the 1960"s by scientists doing research on breeding healthier cattle. They called it the Cloacal System. I do not believe, by the way, that the body has only 9 energy systems....but rather, if an Energy Medicine practitioner is familiar with these 9 systems, we can be both comprehensive and highly effective in enhancing a persons health.

The Meridians-Our Energy Transportation System

The design of the meridian network is awesome. The meridians are 14 tangible pathways that carry energy into, through and out of our body. Along the meridians are hundreds of tiny reservoirs of hear, electromagnetic and other energies along the surface of the skin. Known in Chinese medicine as acupuncture points, these "hot spots" can be stimulated with needles or physical pressure to release or redistribute energy. Acupuncture points are on the surface of the skin, but the meridians these points open up to travel deep into the body and through each of the organs and muscle groups. Our meridians are the body's energy bloodstream. Each segment of the 12 meridians is named for the primary organ or system that it services.  Scientists who have studied the meridian system believe "the meridian system may be a separate energy system that functions alongside the accepted blood circulatory, lymphatic and nervous systems, capable of reading, coding and transmitting information from one part of the body to another and providing an 'underlying template for the physical body'.There is abundant anecdotal evidence, and emerging scientific research that this energy system impacts biological processes and that 1) disruption in a meridian pathway precedes (and thus predicts) disease in specific organs served by that meridian,  and 2) meridians whose energies are disrupted can be treated for therapeutic benefit."

Meridians affect every organ and every physiological system, including the immune, nervous, endocrine, circulatory, respiratory, digestive, skeletal, muscular, and lymphatic systems. Each system is fed by at least one meridian. In the same way that an artery carries blood, a meridian carries energy. If a meridians energy is obstructed  or disrupted, the systems, organs, or tissues it feeds are jeopardized.  Acupuncture, Acupressure, Reflexology and Foot Zoning are all healing modalities that address and balance the meridian system.

The Chakras-Our Body's Energy Stations

The word Chakra means disk, vortex or wheel. If meridians are our energy transportation system, chakras are the energy stations. Each major chakra is a center of swirling energy positioned at one of 7 points, from the base of our spine to the top of our head.

On a physiological level, the chakras envelop within their energies the organs in their proximity, influencing the health of those organs. Clearing and balancing the impaired energy of a chakra can head off brewing illnesses and help heal physical symptoms that have emerged.  Chakras also govern the endocrine system.

Our chakras pull energy in from our environment, and distribute them in our body.

Memory is genetically coded in our chakras just as it is chemically coded in our neurons. The idea of an "energy"memory system that parallels neural memory is foreign to western thinking, but is taken for granted in many healing traditions. An imprint of every important or emotionally significant event we have experienced is believed to be recorded in our chakra energy. Emerging research in the areas of quantum physics and epigenetics are beginning to prove what healers have known for a long time--emotions, memories and feelings are stored in our energy systems, NOT in our brain. Scientists have recently confirmed that the brain is only "wired" for short term memory. It is not "wired" for long term memory. That means our long term memories are being "stored" somewhere outside the brain!

Energy healers know this to be true. A large part of our work involves clearing the frequencies of negative emotions, painful memories, or past trauma from the energy system. If unresolved at this level, these negative energies can become part of our cellular memory and be passed on to future generations. In the work I do, I do a lot of "generational" work, where the people I am helping are suffering from anger, depression, grief, sadness, or any number of other negative emotions that aren't even their own--those frequencies were passed down to them in their cellular memory from somewhere in their family line. Clearing those generational patterns is some of the most profound, rewarding work I do. The results can be immediate and appear to be almost miraculous.

In an earlier post, I talked about the importance of finding the root cause of our symptoms, and treating it at that level. Now that we are delving into the energy systems of the body, I want to re-iterate that point. Can you imagine how hopeless you might feel if you are treating your depression with medications, if the problem is generational and not chemical? What if you keep taking prescription medication for a recurring kidney infection, but the problem with your kidney didn't originate on the physical level, but rather originated with a disruption in the meridian that feeds the kidney?

When people hear the word "energy healing", they tend to think about something unsubstantial and undefined, that doesn't have any impact on the real world. The energy systems of our bodies are real, and have real and tangible implications for our physical health and well being.

Aura, Electrics, Celtic Weave, and Basic Grid-Protecting, Connecting, Weaving, Supporting

Our meridians and chakras bring energy to every organ in our body. The Aura, Electrics, Celtic Weave and Basic Grid are more concerned with maintaining, protecting and supporting our body. Our aura contains our energies; the electrics connect our energy systems with one another; the Celtic Weave provides patterning that balances and strengthens the other systems; and the basic grid provides their foundation. No system is more important than another...Whichever system is the "weak link" in the chain becomes the most important system at that moment. 

The Aura-Our aura is a multi-layered sphere of energy that emanates from our body and interacts with the energies around us. It is itself a protective "atmosphere" that surrounds and embraces us, filtering out many of the energies we encounter in our day to day lives, and drawing in other energies that we need. 

The energy field surrounding the body was first measured scientifically in Harold Burr's Yale laboratory in the 1930's, and has subsequently been demonstrated in numerous experiments. Known to scientists as "the biofield", it corresponds with the "aura" as described in ancient healing traditions. Science has confirmed that this biofield holds information about an organism and transmits that information throughout the organism. It comprises a weak, but measurable, electromagnetic field that has it's own wave form, intensity, polarity, and modulation patterns--and surrounds and permeates all living systems.

Experiments on the human aura were carried out over a 20 year period at Valerie Hunt's Energy Fields laboratory at UCLA. In one, aura "readings" by people who are highly sensitive to the bodies energies were compared with neuro-physiological measures. The colors seen by 8 aura readers not only corresponded with one another, but correlated exactly with electromyograph (EMG) wave patterns picked up by electrodes on the skin at the spot that was being observed. Research shows that there are measurable changes in a subjects bio-field when the subjects were listening to music--these changes corresponded with changes in blood pressure, pulse rate, respiration rate, and brain wave patterns. The combined use of handheld bio-feedback sensors, computing equipment, and special photography devices has demonstrated that the color, shape and size of an auric field shift after the application of acupuncture, hands-on healing, or prayer. The auric field also shifts with changes in thoughts or mood,  The density of our aura fluctuates within a person, reflecting different states of health, excitement, and comfort. When we are ill, our aura can collapse around us, as if trying to protect our organs, bones and vital tissue, and protect us from the world. When people age and begin to decline, the aura begins to weaken and fade. Shortly before a natural dealth, the auric field may have grown so weak that it can no longer contain a body's energies. If you have ever been with someone who was close to death and had a sense that they were already partially "gone", your sensing was energetically accurate. 

If you want to see some fascinating images, do a Google search for Kirlian photography.  Invented in 1939 by Semyon Davidovitch Kirlian, the Kirlian photographic process reveals visible “auras” around the objects photographed.  The photo's are fascinating! Here are just a few:

is a fun video teaching you how to see your own aura, or the aura of others

The Electrics-The electrics serve as a bridge that connects all of the energy systems. They are not an independent energy system, like the chakras or meridians, but rather, they are related to all the major energy systems at the level of the body's electro-magnetic energy. Several points in the body can be touched to "hook up" the electrical circuits among the energy systems, sometimes bringing profound healing to specific areas that are in need. 

The Celtic Weave-Like invisible threads that keep all the energy systems functioning as a single unit, the Celtic weave networks throughout and around the body in spiraling figure eight patterns. It is a living system, continually weaving new crossovers, ever expanding and contracting. The double helix of DNA is this pattern in microcosm. These criss-crossing energies are the "connective tissue" of  your energy system. The Celtic weave, as a system, laces through all your other energy systems and creates a resonance among them. It is the weaver of your force fields. it holds your entire energetic structure together. One function of the Celtic weave is to draw all the energy systems together in a tight web of communications so information can easily travel wherever it needs to go. This enables all the energy systems to work in harmony and cooperation. 

The Basic Grid-The Foundation of your Body's Energies- When you are standing up, it would appear the root chakra is the foundation of your energy centers. Each of your chakras sits above it. When you are lying down, it would appear that your basic grid is the foundation of your energy centers. Each of your chakras is embedded within this grid, which is the bedrock of your energy systems. The other energy systems can become severely compromised if this basic foundation is impaired.

Intense trauma to the body, phyche or soul is like an earthquake that shakes your energetic foundations. The Basic Grid acts as a shock absorber-it helps the body withstand the shock of a trauma it couldn't otherwise withstand. But, as when a cars frame has been damaged in a crash, other systems may not quite function correctly until the basic grid has been restored, through time or intervention. 

more to come!

 teach yourself to see energy...this is a great video, as well as this!!