How Can I Learn to Muscle Test?

I get asked this question a lot. It's much simpler than you might imagine, but it does take lots and lots of practice. You have to learn to use your instrument (your body), and to fine-tune your sensitivity and skill, just like learning to use any other instrument, say learning the piano or to play the violin.

The first step is to understand what muscle testing is. HERE is a link to my post Muscle Response Testing 101.

HERE is the chapter from the book Butterfly Miracles with Homeopathic Remedies by Laree Westover, that deals with muscle testing. This is packed with information, and the very best place to start when just learning!

The "sway" test is usually the easiest method to start with. Stand, with feet hip distance apart, and relax. Be focused on what you are doing, not distracted by what is going on in the other room, or what is on your to-do list. You will notice a natural back and forth motion as your body tries to maintain balance. This is normal! 

First, you need to instruct your energy system to respond the way you want it to (not the opposite). Say, out loud "When I am exposed to something good, right or true, I will sway forward. When I am exposed to something harmful, negative or untrue, I will sway back." Then state "My name is_______(your correct name)." Stand with your eyes closed and really "feel" your movement. It may take 3-4 seconds to respond, but when you do, you will feel a gentle "push" forward. This will feel more pronounced than your normal back and forth movements when you are just standing still. Try some more statements where you will respond with a "yes". I am female/male. I love my family, etc. You can test emotions such as gratitude, joy, love. Once you have gotten a few "yes" responses you can recognize, move to statements that should give a "no" response. My name is________(incorrect name). I am male/female (opposite of true sex). Contention. Anger. Remember to give yourself 3-4 seconds to respond. The more you do this, the stronger and more recognizable the responses should become. With practice, your response time will shorten as well.  

Once you feel confident in "reading" your positive and negative responses, venture into simple things in which you don't already know the answer. Pick up your multivitamins, and make the statement "these are helping to meet my nutritional needs" (notice I worded that as a statement, not a question). Sometimes people word questions in such a way where they get double negatives, or change the meaning by being too wordy. Simple concise statements help you be most accurate when you are just beginning! Then cross-check your answer, by stating "These are not meeting my nutritional needs" When you cross check this way, you should be able to easily discern which response was positive, which was negative.

If you want to try some other methods beside the sway test, watch the video's in the above post...try a few of the methods shown and see which one feels most natural to you. The book The Emotion Code by Dr. Bradley Nelson (check your local library!)has some hints you may find helpful as well. 

Once you have a method that you want to start practicing with, you simply need to start talking to your energy system and become familiar with how YOUR energy system communicates with you. Here are a few simple steps:

1) Be hydrated,  Muscle testing works because of tiny electrical impulses that travel throughout your body. If you are dehydrated, it's really hard for your body to transmit those signals!

Make sure you are in a quiet place with no distractions, that you don't have to use the restroom, and that you can work with a clear and calm mind. If you are constantly distracted by kids, or what is going on in the other room, or you can't let go of stress and anxiety, you can't focus!

3) Pray for help...this is a tool that is meant for our use, and I always ask help in obtaining the information I need. Ask for discernment and for the ability to recognize truth.

4) Start by making statements you already know the answer to: I am male, I am female, My name is Fred, My name is ____________(your correct name). Sometimes I just instruct "show me a 'yes'", show me a 'no'".  The purpose is to find out what a yes feels like, and what a no feels like, and be able to discern the difference. This is key! I made statements like this for WEEKS when I was first starting until I was confident that I could discern the difference between a yes and no. 

5) It helps if you always make a statement, then after testing your response to that statement, make another statement that will give the opposite response, so you can cross check your answers. For example, if I say "I am female", then "I am male", I've essentially asked statements that are opposite sides of the same coin, so to speak. One should be a "yes", and the other a "no". By making these statements back to back, I should have clear comparisons between positive and negative responses. Spend a few minutes every day making opposing statements like this until you are clear on how your body communicates with you. This is a great time to try testing different muscles or different hand positions, and seeing if another method feels more comfortable to you. Once you find a method you like, stick with it! Every time you change methods, you have to spend time fine-tuning your ability to "read" it. 

6) When you feel comfortable, start by making statements about things you don't already know your response to. A great way to do this is by testing an vitamins, supplements or medications you are taking. Simply hold a bottle of something in your hand, close to your navel, and let your energy system know you want to test what you are holding. If you are testing with your fingers, you will need to put the bottle down! Then, with your intention fixed on the bottle you want to test, say something like "This product is of value to my body, and it is in my highest good to continue taking it" Once you get a response, make a similar statement, but word it so you get the opposite response.."This product is NOT of value to my body, and it is in my highest good NOT to continue taking it"  You should have a clear distinction to which of those statement you got a "yes" response to. 

7) Once you've gotten your feet wet with testing vitamins or supplements, you can start venturing in to more complicated areas. Just remember to keep it simple. Don't over complicate things! Make statements that help you narrow down your options, and help you get the information you are seeking. As a beginner, it's easiest and most accurate to stick with yes or no statements, rather than asking questions. Always cross-check your answers

8) Muscle testing is a skill that is developed over time...with practice and experience, you can work through large amounts of information in a very short time; you can learn to test from lists of herbs or essential oils to find out exactly what you need, and find out how much to take, and how often.

You CAN test for minor children, or anyone else you have stewardship over, without getting their permission first. You can test for anyone else, with their permission. Do not ever try to test for someone whom you do not have stewardship over without their permission. It is a violation of their agency, and if you are in tune, the Holy Ghost will warn you not to proceed!

Muscle testing can be used to obtain information regarding health and wellness. That is all. You cannot test the lottery numbers, or whether you should take a certain job, etc. Don't even go there!

If you are testing something that has significant consequences (medical issues, etc) confirm the results of the test with prayer. Ask that the Spirit help you know if you've missed something, or have incorrect information. Many times, I've felt the spirit let me know I need to go back and ask more questions, or clarify something I've tested.

Don't muscle test things you should be praying about...if in doubt, PRAY! Prayer and personal revelation is a higher power than muscle testing. Muscle testing does not take the place of Priesthood blessings. Muscle testing is simply a tool to help you take care of yourself and your family. If you use it within the proper bounds, you will be richly blessed as you develop this skill!

Follow-Up Questions: (for when you are a little more experienced)

Is there anything in addition?
Do I need to know more?
Is there anything different that would be better in some way?
Is there any reason not to?
(this is the most not forget it!)


Having trouble getting a distinct answer, or getting inconsistent results?

1) get a drink of water!

2) use the restroom
3) eliminate distractions
4) clear your mind, and stop worrying about what happened at work today or what your kids are doing. You need to be focused.
5) Sometimes you need to "re-boot" your energy system. Using the first 2 fingers of each hand, tap gently on your chest just below the collar bone. This is called the Thymus Thump, and it brings your energy system into a temporary state of balance

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Thymus Thump