Class Handouts: "Beyond the Basics"

If you are looking for class handouts, files and the presentation I used in the  "Beyond the Basics, Healing with Herbs, Essential Oils and Homeopathic Remedies" class, you are in the right place!


HERE is the PowerPoint presentation I used in class.

Ingredient List for Butterfly Express blends

Single Oils-Detailed Uses and Descriptions

Blended Oils-Detailed Uses and Descriptions (Butterfly Express Blends)

HERE is a link to all the files I've created for the Herbal and Natural Healing Buying Group.

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Videos on Making Herbal Medicines (by Butterfly Express):

Making Alcohol Herbal Tinctures

Making Glycerine Herbal Tinctures

Straining the Herbal Tinctures

How to Make an Herbal Salve

Additional Information:

Making an Herbal Compress or Poultice (.pfd file)

Making a Liniment/Soaked Oil (.pdf file)